I’m on tum instead whoops

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look at dogs on the internet and pretend that that means i have a cute animal in my life

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my mama finally promoted to professor at UW!!

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WWU president: Should we fail in our efforts to reflect the diversity increasingly enriching our state, than Western is relentlessly driven toward mediocrity
Associated Press: University in Bellingham too white, says president
Fox: School president: Too many white faces among student body, staff
CBS: No apologies from college head for asking how to be "not as white"
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When you are caring for an animal incorrectly then post a picture or video of you doing so, don’t get upset when people inform you that what you are doing could be damaging to your animals health. So many people here care deeply about animals. It’s okay to be wrong, suck up your pride and HELP YOUR ANIMAL!

Or it could just be that they don’t really feel like taking some blogger’s word for it

In most cases that person could simply go onto google and see that they were wrong. And in most cases it’s SEVERAL people telling them what they are doing is wrong and they STILL won’t look into it.

they aren’t willing to listen to bloggers and contradicting information on google when they buy items at pet stores that say they are for their animal and get advice from the so called ‘professionals’ there etc. I mean seriously

it doesn’t help that you guys go around being nosy and giving advice where it isn’t wanted, i’ve never seen you people be successful with anyone other than shutting their minds off to your point of view, all you do is nag people over the internet it doesn’t serve any purpose at all least of all the well being of animals

If you own an animal you have an obligation to find out the correct way to care for it regardless of how difficult that is.  if someone says what you’re doing is incorrect the proper response is concern not irritation.

It isn’t “being nosy” when someone posts a picture on the internet. And it isn’t “nagging” when tumblr works specifically in a reblog format.  

You’re also just blatantly wrong on your last point of “i’ve never seen you people be successful with anyone.” Simply from the number of followers and amount of notes certain posts have gotten its obvious that other people are being educated, I certainly have been.

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seventeen magazine has officially lost it

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You do not understand Hispanic culture if you are bitching about Oberyn’s opening being in a brothel.  First, that’s what happened in the books.  Second, if it wasn’t done this way, you’d all be bitching that the writers erased his sexuality and didn’t include his bisexuality.  Third, Hispanic’s are proud of their culture and describe themselves as “passionate.”  If you have never been wooed by a Hispanic person, you have truly missed out on one of the best experiences in life.  They are great dancers, their traditional dance is full of provocative hip movements, their food is spicy and their language is beautiful.  In Spanish there are so many beautiful ways to describe love, and their love songs really communicate an aching longing for a lover.  Truly, they will entice all 5 of your senses.  This is in no way “hyper-sexualizing” or fetishizing them.  None that I have ever met are ashamed or sex shaming.  For the most part, they think white people are a little too uptight and sexually repressed, and a lot of them have said to me that we’re “too Puritan.”  So I frankly like the representation and the sexuality on the show.  I don’t think it’s overdone, hypersexual, or not canon with the books.

If you think Pedro Pascal is white, that’s really really funny. How many whites have you met named Pedro?   

i’m crying.

apparently being wooed by a latin@ is like having an alien abduct you

this is some #fffff nonsense. i cant even—-i almost want to give them an award.

something like, ~*congrats on ur act of racism for the day*~ award.

Fetishization 101

YE GODS. That opening post is gross. ughhhhhhhhhhhh.

I wanna find this person’s house and pee all over it.

Jesus christ this is so stupidly bad I’m laughing. Even more so as an asexual “hispanic”. OP is a fucking dumbass.

Didn’t have any problems with the casting of pedro pascal until this post….

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i forget why im so reluctant to internet date until i see you white folks spill that freshly brewed lipton tea 

i have no idea what this means

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SeaWorld Admits to Giving Orcas Anti-Anxiety Drugs

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“They do not cope with being kept in these tanks. They survive to some degree, but they don’t thrive to any degree,” founder of the Orca Research Trust, Ingrid Visser, told Buzzfeed. “They show stereotypical behaviors that are abnormal, repetitive behaviors like head bobbing, chewing on concrete, and self mutilation by banging the side of their heads on the side of the tank.’

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